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Birth Day Number
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The Meaning Of The Birth Day Number

This number complements your Life Path Number with a very specific talent or strength that greatly facilitates the fulfillment of your destiny.

Most probably you already realized this talent, but it might be that up to now you didn't pay much attention to it and left it more or less unused. It is important that you realize this gift and that you start developing it.

Developing your specific talent will still require some effort, discipline and persistence, but it won't feel like hard work. It will be much more like playing and having fun. Remember, this is a talent - a gift - you already possess and it will be relatively easy for you to develop and even perfect it.

Further, the process of developing and refining your talent will provide you with deep satisfaction and fulfillment. Again, it's extremely important to take care of this precious gift, because it will be of enormous help on your life path and in the fulfillment of your destiny.

This is probably the most powerful tool you possess and once developed, it will make many things in your life much easier. Your Birth Day Number, as the name indicates, is the number of the day you were born.

It's analyzed as a single digit number, as well as a double digit number. You get the single digit Birth Day Number by reducing your day of birth to a number between 1 and 9. Master numbers are reduced in this case.

Your double-digit birth day number indicates additional talents, which are however less significant. For example, if you were born on the 17th… your single-digit Birth Day Number would be 1+7 = 8, and this number also reveals your main talent. Your double-digit number 17 might add an additional (however less significant) talent, indicated by the number 7.

The single digit of the number 26 is also 8, but it provides different talents from the number 6 and to a lesser extent from the number 2. As with the other core numbers described in this section, I suggest you meditate on your birth day number and its deeper meaning for your life.

As you can see, all the different Numerology numbers are somehow connected (as everything else in the universe) and they all provide important bits and pieces that will help you to realize the mystery of your life and who you really are.

Numerology is a tool and a continuous process towards self-realization. Keep on meditating on your numbers, make notes, go deeper and deeper… You will see, watching the mystery of your life unfold is a very exciting and deeply satisfying process.

Self-realization is the only path towards realization of your god-like nature and towards lasting happiness, abundance and fulfillment.

And be aware, the word "self-realization" contains the word self and that means that it's up to you to express your full potential - no one else can do this for you! And it doesn’t matter so much what tool you are using - numerology, astrology… or something else.

These are only tools and bridges, but the real key lies within yourself. So, never put all your hope and faith into the hands of someone else. Use the information (pointers) given to you by a numerologist, astrologist… but be also ready to walk the rest of the path on your own.

Don't be afraid to "walk alone", you have everything you need to master your life. Make use of the gifts you have been given and accept your responsibility rather than looking for shortcuts.

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