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Numerology Books

Below you can find a list of some good numerology books. When you go to a site like Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.com you can find many more titles on numerology.

Numerology - Key To Your Inner Self - By Hans Decoz and Tom Monte

This is one of my absolute favorites. Numerology - Key To Your Inner Self is one of the most complete books on Pythagorean Numerology I ever came across.

It is easy to understand and the perfect starting guide for all those who are new to Numerology and who are looking for a complete and easy to follow introduction to the subject.

But also the professional numerologist will find a wealth of information in this book. Numerology - Key To Your Inner Self explains in detail all the different core numbers, karmic lessons and karmic passions, the bridge numbers and many other secondary numbers. This information can give you deeper insight into your personality and the choices you make. It might help you understand why you selected the friends or profession you have. Perhaps you went into banking or health insurance, over music or literature, perhaps you have friends who are active and dynamic instead of passive or calm. Depending on what number you are, you search for certain work or friends to balance and complement your capacities and character.

It also discusses the expression planes, which reveal your physical, mental, emotional and intuitive constitution. And finally it gives a profound analysis of the various cycles, like the personal year number, the transits, the periodic- and pinnacle cycles, which allow you to better prepare yourself for future events and situations.

The Secret Science of Numerology: The Hidden Meaning of Numbers and Letters by Shirley Blackwell Lawrence

This book is in many aspects very different from other numerology books. For example, it introduces a powerful tool called the "Guidance Number" that allows you to access your inner self or inner knowing.

The book also explains in a profound manner why numerology works and it presents an interesting introduction to the historical bases and concepts of numerology. The book also explains the energy vibrations associated with colors, numbers, letters, sounds… and their influence on our daily lifes.

Shirley has been practicing numerology for more than 40 years and the depth of her experience is clearly reflected in the material presented in this book.

Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane, Dusty Bunker, and Faith Javanie

This book provides a very interesting synthesis of numerology, astrology and tarot. Each number is explained as a temporary number vibration, in terms of its astrological correspondence and in terms of its Tarot symbolism.

The book also illustrates all of the tarot cards. The first part of the book provides an introduction to esoteric numerology and discusses the origins and philosophy of numerology.

The second part provides a very complete and detailed description of the numbers 1 through 78. Numerology and the Divine Triangle is a really extraordinary book that combines numerology and tarot in an astute and easy to apply reference guide.

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