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Numerology Meaning - What Do Your
Numerology Numbers Actually Mean?

In order to properly estimate the numerology meaning of the various numbers, we first have to establish a complete numerology chart. The most important numbers in this chart are surely the core numbers:
  • Life Path Number
  • Birth Day Number
  • Soul Urge Number
  • Expression Number
  • Personality Number

Then we also have the secondary numbers, such as the challenge numbers, the bridge numbers... and several others. And of course, we also need to look at the cycle numbers, such as the personal year cycle, the transit cycles, the pinnacle cycles... and there are others.

In the Core Numbers section of this website, I explain the meaning of the various core numbers and how to calculate them. It is not really difficult to do all the calculations yourself, but it is a bit time consuming doing all the core numbers, the cycle numbers and the secondary numbers. That's why I recommend you download my free numerology calculator - simply enter your name and birth date and the complete chart is done for you within a second.

Now, after having done all the calculations, we need to find out about the numerology meaning of the various numbers. Again, my numerology calculator provides information regarding the strengths, talents, weaknesses, career choices, characteristics and personality traits... for each number. You can also have a look at the Number Meanings section on this website to get additional information.

If you want to dig a bit deeper and get a more in depth and more personalized analysis of the numerology meaning of your numbers, I recommend you check out Blair Gorman's Complete Numerology Report - in my opinion, this is the most exact and detailed numerology analysis that's currently available.

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