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Some Tips on How to Get The Best
Possible Numerology Reading

Nowadays, it's fairly easy to get a numerology reading: There are hundreds of websites proposing numerology reports and even free numerology readings, there are probably thousands of self-proclaimed numerologists offering their services in the yellow pages, newspapers and magazines...

So, the question is not: Where to get a numerology reading. But: What to do in order to get a really good one.

Basically, you have 3 different possibilities to get your
numerology reading:

Consult a professional numerologist
Buy a customized numerology report
Do your own numerology analysis

Let's discuss each of these solutions in a bit more detail:

Consulting a professional numerologist:

This may possibly provide you with the most accurate numerology reading, but there are also drawbacks and "dangers". First of all, some numerologists are really expansive. A couple of years ago, I paid about $300 for a 45 minute consultation and on top of that, I wasn't satisfied at all with the reading. On the other hand, I had some readings for around $80 which were really excellent, but I also had cheaper readings which weren't good at all. So, money in my opinion isn't really an indicator for a good numerology analysis.

In my opinion, a good numerologist has to know numerology very well (well, that's just common sense), but he/she also needs to have a well developed intuition. And I think, that's what really separates the good numerologist from the mediocre - numerology is not just about the mathematical calculation and analysis of your numbers.

As I already mentioned, there are lot's of self-proclaimed numerologists that often do more harm than good and that's why I suggest you call your numerologist and ask some specific questions before making an appointment.

Here are some ideas for questions you could ask:

"What numerology numbers and cycles do you analyze?" : This should give you an idea, how well the person actually understands numerology. As an answer, you want to get the core numbers like the soul urge number, the expression number, the basic numerology cycle numbers... Check out the Core Numbers section and the Numerology Calculator on my site to get a better understanding of the basic numerology numbers that exist.

"How do you perform your numerology readings?" : This should give you an idea, if the numerologist also uses the "intuitive" component in his numerology readings.

Buying a customized numerology report:

These reports are often promoted in specific magazines and on various websites. The advantage of these reports is that they are (in most cases) relatively cheap and that they can be extremely detailed. On the other hand, many of these reports are also pretty useless and sometimes you might have to order numerology readings from different sources until you find a really good one.

I remember, I once ordered such a report for $99 and all I got was a 30 page booklet, which was a very poor, highly generic computer generated analysis. So again, the most expensive is not necessarily the best.

Currently, the only numerology report I'm recommending is Blair Gorman's Numerologist Analysis. This is a highly customized and very detailed report - I think, the main report is about 150 pages and it touches pretty much ever imaginable part of your life.

What I also like a lot about this package is the multitude of additional information you get: There are ~10 additional free reports and several software tools, which are really fantastic:

How To Have The Most Satisfying Relationship Of Your Life
How To Multiply Your Good Luck
The 1-Minute Relationship Forecast
84 Future Predictions In Your Life and much more...

I'm not quite sure about the current price of this numerology package, but I think it should be something around $60, which in my opinion is really good price for an excellent product. Click here for more information about Blair Gorman's numerology package.

And finally, you could do your own numerology analysis:

This of course requires some time and patience to learn the basics of numerology, but it can also be a lot of fun. There are lots of books on numerology and as with everything, there are good ones and not so good ones.

To get started with numerology, I recommend a book from Hans Decoz, which is called: "Numerology: A Complete Guide To Understanding And Using Your Numbers Of Destiny". You should be easily able to find it on Amazon.com.

If you want to do your own numerology readings, I also recommend you download my free numerology calculator - it calculates all the numerology numbers and cycles that are discussed in Hans Decoz book and you will see, it makes life just so much easier.

Well, I hope my advice on how to choose your numerology reading provided you with some ideas and allows you to choose the best possible numerology report or reading you can get.

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