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Chinese Numerology

Chinese Numerology is one of the oldest forms of Numerology and it already existed more than 4000 years ago. It is somehow related to other forms of numerology, but still very different from Indian- or Pythagorean Numerology.

This site is primarily about Pythagorean Numerology and all I want to do here is to give you a very basic idea of Chinese numerology. If you want to know more about it, I recommend you check out some of the books on Amazon.com or in your local bookshop.

The easiest way to get started with Chinese numerology is to place the numbers of your birth date into a "tic-tac-toe grid".

Here is how it works:

Draw a pound sign ( # ) and write each number (except the 0), which occurs in your birth date into the # - sign at its right place.

The number 1 is placed at the bottom left, 2 is placed 1 step up, and 3 is again one step up (which is the top left position). 4 is at the bottom middle, 5 is one step up (this is the center position in the # - sign) and 6 is another step up. Finally, 7 is at the bottom right position, 8 is again one step up and 9 is at the top right position.

Naturally, there will be certain positions that are not filled and others might contain the same number more than once.

As an example, the birth date of 5 October 1999 would have one 5 in the center of the # - sign, two 1's at the bottom left and three 9's at the top right – remember, zeros are not used.

In Chinese Numerology, the numbers reveal certain characteristics of a person, but also the quantity of a certain number in your chart reveals important information.

For example, a chart with only one 9 in the top right means something different than a chart with three 9's.

But also, the distinct rows and columns in the chart have a very specific meaning:

The bottom Horizontal row (1, 4, 7) provides information about your physical abilities. Several numbers in this row might indicate that you are a practical person, that you have a healthy body, that you are athletic…

Middle horizontal row (2, 5, 8) – Emotional aspects: Intuition, spirituality…

Top horizontal row (3, 6, 9) – Mental aspects: Analytical and intellectual abilities.

And the columns:

Left column (1, 2, 3) – Creativity, ability to solve intellectual problems...

Middle column (4, 5, 6) – Willpower, determination, persistence...

Right column (7, 8, 9) – Ability to take action.

Here is a very short introduction to the meaning of the numbers 1 – 9 in Chinese Numerology:

  • Number 1: This number primarily indicates how well a person is getting on with others.

  • Number 2: Shows a person’s sensitive and emotional side.

  • Number 3: Provides information about a person's mental and intellectual abilities.

  • Number 4: Represents order, stability and practicality.

  • Number 5: Five is the number of freedom and it also shows balance and emotional stability.

  • Number 6: This is the most domestic number and it relates to family, household and community.

  • Number 7: This might represent lessons learned through loss.

  • Number 8: Provides information about how well a person can deal with the smaller aspects of life.

  • Number 9: This is the most humanitarian number and it represents our highest ideals.

Again, the meaning might be different if there is one, two or more of the same number in a certain spot on the chart.

Also, in Chinese Numerology certain number combinations are considered luckier than others and in general, even numbers are considered luckier than odd numbers.

Here are some number combinations that are considered to very fortunate in Chinese numerology:
  • 168 – road to prosperity

  • 888 – prosperity times 3

  • 518 – You will prosper

If you want more information on Chinese Numerology, I recommend you check out the following site: Basic Chinese Numerology

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